Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snowy Strikes again

This day was sans-snow, but I once again found a Snowy Owl.  This one was spotted by my wife using binoculars from Shinnecock County Park West (Hampton Bays side of the inlet).  It was barely detectable on the other side (as illustrated in the photo above), but we figured we would make the drive in hopes of getting a closer look.

When we arrived there was another vehicle with a photographer and a dog and they were watching/photographing the bird.  I was able to get some photos after it took flight and settled down to the east of my vehicle, but eventually the barking dog became too much of a concern for the bird (I'm assuming) and it took off to a nearby island.  Why a photographer would have a barking dog in his vehicle when trying to photograph wildlife is beyond me, but at least the dog wasn't running free and actually posing a physical threat to the bird.

Nothing else to report really - EPCAL was extremely quiet with only a few meadowlarks around.  No hawks of any species were noticed.  We spent very little time on Dune Road and as soon as we saw the Owl I stopped looking at any seabirds in the inlet (which, btw, was extremely rough and volatile).

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