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On this page you will find links to book reviews on titles that I have personally read, feature my photography, or both.  You can also find links to the products on Amazon which can be purchased by clicking the image of the book.

Strictly Birds:
On Feathered Wing
Richard Ettlinger is a famed and accomplished avian photographer who specialized in birds in flight.  He has been an inspiration to me and we have spent many fun brisk October mornings shooting merlins and cooper's hawks along the West End of Jones Beach.  This book gives a brief narrative on the evolution of birds, their abilities to fly and how they influence humans and pop culture.  After this brief introduction comes nearly 175 big beautiful color images of birds frozen in time.  Richard and the six other photographers whose work is showcased in this book bring a world of beauty and splendor to your coffee table.  You can read the full review here:  On Feathered Wing

My favorite book to pick up and peruse is Waterbirds by Theodore Cross.  It's a large volume covering his favorite types of birds and featuring dozens of beautiful photos.  You can read more about it here: Waterbirds

A Supremely Bad Idea
The first book I ever read about actual birding was NY birder Luke Dempsey's A Supremely Bad Idea, which I picked up before a trip down to El Salvador.  The book is not only hilarious but an addictive read and intriguing story.  Read more about it here:  A Supremely Bad Idea

Hawks at a Distance:
Skilled author, photographer and raptor expert Jerry Liguori's book is an excellent guide to figuring out just what the heck it is you saw in your scope of photographed with your telephoto lens way out in the distance.  This guide book is comprehensive, covering nearly all commonly found raptors (and some not so common) in the Lower 48 and features photographs of birds in distant flight covering juveniles to adults, male and female.  Each species shown in this book features a write-up covering plumages and overviews.  Order here: Hawks at a Distance: Identification of Migrant Raptors

Nature Titles:
A Sea in Flames
Carl Safina's latest book explores the 2010 BP Gulf Blowout, the fallout and the aftermath.  Safina embedded himself in the Gulf for the better part of the summer to see understand what was fact, what was fiction and what was fear.  The book explores our countries addiction to oil, coal and other dirty sources of energy and turns a skeptical eye toward the government's mouthpiece and BP.  Check out the in-depth review here:  A Sea in Flames

Exploring the Other Island
The first book to be published featuring my photos was by my co-worker (okay, Boss), John Turner entitled Exploring the Other Island.  It's an extensive natural guide to Long Island but is useful for nearly any place in New England in addition to New Jersey.  John's passion for the natural and wild combined with his book like knowledge and easy flow combine for a fun read.  The fact that it features a lot of my photography is icing on the cake!  Check out the in-depth review here:  Exploring the Other Island

The View from Lazy Point
This title by famed author Carl Safina has was an eye opening read.  Filled with incredible facts about our ever increasingly periled world, this book is a year in time with Dr. Safina following him from his home near Montauk Point, NY to the far stretches of the world including Alaska, Palau and the Antarctic.  The View From Lazy Point is a passionate work from the co-founder and President of the Blue Ocean Institue and is a must read for anyone who appreciates the natural world.  See the detailed review here: The View from Lazy Point, a Natural Year in an Unnatural World

The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography
This is another book that I received as a gift from my family and it was certainly useful when I began spending more time (and money) on photography.  Written by a group of National Geographic photographers, this book has a ton of professional advice packed into it complete with beautiful (and more importantly, helpful) photos which illustrate everything you need to know about digital photography.  There is an updated version that can be found by clicking the link at the end of the review:  The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Nature Photography
Put together by the Mountain Trail Photo Team this book is an absolute essential once you have taken the first few steps toward Nature and Wildlife photography and mastered the basics.  This title covers the how to's of composition and lighting and lets you know the best places in the country to shoot for each month of the year.  Check out the detailed review here: The Ultimate Field Guide to Digital Nature Photography

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