Bird Videos

Here is a collection of videos of different birds filmed on the east end.  I mostly film raptors but anything that will stay still for long enough or does something interesting is worthy of a video.  To view these videos in High-Def, click the "youtube" icon in the lower right corner of the video and once the larger video has loaded select 720HD on the bottom right (where you see 360).

Here is a Northern Harrier resting at the EPCAL grasslands in the spring of 2010

At the same location, a Rough Legged Hawk hovers in search of food in February of 2011

A Merlin dines on a Sanderling which it had just caught in Hampton Bays, along Dune Rd.

A Merlin in late January of 2011 tries to dry off on a telephone pole in Hampton Bays before taking off.

Here is a juvenile Cooper's Hawk, also in Hampton Bays, trying to stay warm on a cold and windy day.

Wading Birds:
In the video below a Clapper Rail catches a clam worm along Dune Rd. in East Quogue in February of 2011.

Another hard to find wading bird is the Wilson's Snipe which is seen searching for food here in January of 2011 along Dune Rd.

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