Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Colors

Fall Colors on the Peconic River

Fall of course is in full swing and Pine Siskins are everywhere... I haven't seen too many, but I've spent very little time at the beach where they are migrating.  According to one report this morning, nearly 20,000 were seen flying from east to west at Fire Island, quite a spectacle!  

As for me, I took a quick visit to Swan Lake in East Patchogue which is a short drive away and saw several yellow-rumped warblers.  More excitingly, on the lake were at least three pied-billed grebes along with many swans and mallards  Before long Swan Lake will be swarming with winter waterfowl.

I've also taken a few fall-foliage-over-water photos but I seemed to have missed the season's peak colors.  


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