Tuesday, August 16, 2011

American Goldfinches and butterflies

This evening I headed to Southampton Village to check out the wildflower meadow that has been installed as part of a subdivision known as "Olde Towne" which is located just Southeast of the Southampton Hospital.  This meadow has been filled with thousands of container plants of native wildflower and grasses species which has created an oasis in the Village which is of course overrun with extensive lawns and non-native ornamentals.  It seems as though the birds and butterflies have made this place home as there was a significant flock of American Goldfinches present along with at least 5 species of butterflies, Cedar Waxwings and several species of Sparrow.

While Birds of Long Island has traditionally been dedicated solely to birds, I'm allowing a few butterflies to sneak in!

For more about our native Butterflies, check out this book:  Butterflies of New England (North Woods Naturalist Guides)

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