Thursday, January 13, 2011

Exploring the Other Island - By John Turner

I have been meaning to do this for awhile and since I'm headed down to Florida for a few days I figured I'd take the opportunity to finally get around to talking about John Turner's latest book, Exploring the Other Island - A Seasonal Guide to Nature on Long Island.

Mr. Turner (whom I have the pleasure of working with daily during my day job) has just released his 2nd edition of his nature guide to Long Island.  I was honored that he asked me to contribute some of my photos and after a many months long process, the book finally went to print and it looks great.  While not all of my photos are of birds (there are a few mammals and plants mixed in there), you will see a few familiar images while flipping through the pages.  Other talented photographers were used as well including, New York's very skilled and well known birder/photographer Lloyd Spitalnik.

This book describes the natural beauty, wonders and secrets Long Island has to hold in surprising detail.  It's an easy read and a page Turner (pun intended) packed with tons of helpful information like plant descriptions, when to look for certain animals and what public parks and preserves they can be found at on the Island.  I know many of my blog readers are not from Long Island, but rest assured this book will have you covered for nearly anywhere in New England (and New Jersey) as the species and habitats discussed in the book are found throughout the region.

I had the good fortune of reading the book before it went to print and it was a refreshing break from the usually tedious field guides - you don't even realize you're learning all about all of Long Island has to offer with John's easy style and eloquent flow.

Below is a link to the book on where it can be purchased (which I highly recommend!).  Just a note, I do not receive any money for copies which are sold - I'm writing this mini-review because I'm proud to be a part of it and I want to get the word out because it truly is a good book.  I also want to mention that a significant portion of the book's profits will go toward three important conservation organizations: the Long Island Pine Barrens Society, the American Bird Conservancy, and FLAP (Fatal Lights Awareness Program); designed to reduce bird mortality from collisions with windows and buildings.

So click the link, read some other reviews and buy a book!

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