Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

It was a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend in the Hamptons (as usual) and I took advantage as best I could with trips to Quogue Wildlife Refuge, Morton Wildlife Refuge, and of course, Dune Rd.  The species that I am most fond of (due to a few summers protecting them while working for the Southampton Town Trustees) I think the Piping Plover easily has the most (and best) personality of any shorebirds in our area.  They are always good for a laugh as they run around.  (Above: Great Egret and a mummichog.  The fish didn't get away)

Being funny:

They aren't easy to catch up with:

Song Sparrows made themselves heard early at Sagg Main Beach:

Morton provided my first photos (and looks) at the wonderful Prairie Warbler.  If you haven't heard it's song, you need to check it out.

Dune Rd. was chock full of Egrets (Snowy and Great) on Sunday Morning and they were feasting away.  The Snowy Egret below is in full breeding plumage (rather late in the season):

The Snowy Egret below is in the more standard non-breeding colors - however it still has its breeding plumage:

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