Thursday, May 20, 2010

Florida Birds!

I'm issuing a disclosure that these birds were NOT photographed on Long Island - but rather in Downtown Orlando last weekend... but some of them find their way up here so it's not completely off base.  I ended up with 7 new species photographed and was amazed at how approachable Florida birds were, as well as the diversity in a Downtown area.  Enjoy. (Above and Below: Tri-colored Heron)

Wood Ducks were everywhere... much more prevalent, and a lot less skittish then on Long Island:

The southern companion to our Double Crested (and much rarer Great) Cormorant, is the Aningha, considered a Darter.  This bird is quite similar in appearance, though it's head/neck are noticeably skinnier and the bird is larger than the DC Cormorant:

Another species that was found pretty much everywhere was the Common Moorhen - quite similar to the American Coot we see during the winter - but with a little more color and attitude.  It was breeding season for these birds, so there were plenty of chicks as well.

Not the cutest bird...

The southern cousin to the Glossy Ibis is the White Ibis that was easily approachable:

The Green Heron was another great surprise.  I was relaxing in the shade on a bench when it swooped in to feed from a semi-submerged branch.  I've seen this species once before in Sag Harbor but got terrible photos of it - this was a vast improvement:

Lastly, there is the Pileated Woodpecker, which my loving family spotted for me (as I told them to be on the lookout for anything with wings).  I couldn't believe how large this species of woodpecker is and was happy to get some really nice looks and angles.

I also saw/photographed my first Red-Shouldered Hawk which was being chased by a RWBB (red-winged black bird) and a pair of Black Vultures that were circling above the hotel - but the quality of those photos is far from great so we'll leave them out!

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