Sunday, May 6, 2012

Prairie Warblers Abound

On Friday between 1 and 2 PM I went on an easy hike through the Woods in Ridge off the northern portion of Wading River Hollow Road (North of Route 25, just East of WLNY-TV).  I wasn't expecting much of anything but had some time on my lunch hour and wanted to explore.  The habitat in this area is quite unique as it is made up almost entirely of bayberry shrubs.  The Pine Barrens, naturally are dominated by pitch pine trees, but there must have been a fire at some point and the sandy soils and sunshine allowed the bayberry shrubs to dominate everything else.  There of course are pitch pines, though they are generally 5-10 feet in height (as opposed to the 40 or 50 foot trees in older forests).  This habitat makes it really easy to find birds, and so did the unmistakeable call of the Prairie Warbler.

Unfortunately for me, this was the only real interesting bird in the area.  I returned Saturday morning with poor lighting and found the same - lots of prairie warblers but nothing else of real interest.   I spotted a couple Eastern Kingbirds, a Brown Thrasher, some Yellow-rumped Warblers, even a pair of Mallards who came in to check out the nearby pond and who seemed quite disappointed that it was virtually dry.  Anyway, that's all there is to report.  Despite my eternal optimism every summer, I always fail to find multiple species of warbler in any one spot and have a lot of birds to add to my photography list.

If you like warblers like me - and have a tough time telling them all apart (like most people) this book will be a huge help:

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