Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Least Terns

Visited my favorite bird spot this evening - the Least Tern Colony in Reeves bay and spent a little time photographing the nesting birds.  I did find 2 Common Tern scrapes so hopefully they will nest soon.  Really looking forward to when these eggs all hatch and I have so many chicks to photograph.  I also came across several fresh Diamond-backed Terrapin Nests so hopefully I'll be lucky and photograph them when they hatch out later in the summer.

This Least Tern was trying to look tough . . .

For more on the animals you can nesting find on Long Island check out John Turner's fabulous book: Exploring the Other Island: A seasonal guide to nature on Long Island

The Nest of a Diamondbacked Terrapin


  1. Luke,
    Great pictures. I grew up in Garden City and was hoping to take a trip out to Reeves Bay over this holiday weekend. Would you be willing to share more details on where exactly you made these images?

  2. Vinnie,

    Thanks for the compliments and for checking out my blog. Unfortunately due to the sensitive nature of these birds and turtles I cannot share the exact location of the nesting site. However, it can only be reached via kayak and is pretty easy to find if you are in the area... just follow the birds!