Monday, May 9, 2011

Two new species!

This afternoon I wanted to try something different - so I took a quick trip to Hubbard County Park near my home and went for a little walk not know what I'd find.  As I went down the road toward the Black Duck lodge and cabins I found two male Eastern Bluebirds, observed an Osprey nest in the marsh and found a singing wren.  I continued down the road and made a left down a grass path that lead to a clearing along the bay front and heard a call that was new to me.  Looking up confirmed that it was indeed a new species for me to photograph: the Blue Gray Gnatcatcher.

A little more exploration yielded some energetic Orchard Orioles with 1 adult male chasing two 1st spring males all around which provided me a few nice photo ops.  I did spot 1 female Orchard Oriole.  Nothing spectacular, but enough to make me happy!  A big help in ID'ing these birds was Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America

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