Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sandhill Cranes

Cranes Invade:
A pair of Sandhill Cranes were found about a week ago in North Sea have showed up again this weekend.  Yesterday they were seen in Sagaponack at Sagg Pond.  I took the venture out there but once I arrived I realized I had foolishly forgotten my battery at home. . . no time wasted even looking for the birds as I headed straight back home.  The word got out again today that they were being seen in a farm field, so I made the trip (with battery in tow) and was annoyed when there was nothing in the field.  A trip to Sagg Pond didn't provide anything so back to the field I headed and sure enough they were there.  Lighting was awful and the background was even worse.  Took a while to position myself properly with the light and an acceptable background but I'm pretty content.  Hopefully they will remain a while longer giving me an opportunity for better shots.  There is a photo on the cover of this weeks Southampton Press by Evan Marks which is gorgeous with excellent late evening lighting - it's my hope to get a shot which can rival it.

A big thanks to Angus Wilson for e-mailing and posting about the location of these birds - I would never have gotten them without his help as well as the help of all those who have spotted and reported them.  

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